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I dont hate that.  I embrace her but I watch my back.  I sit at the edge of my seat, toes flat, heels up, ready to jet. Performance is the golden fleece.....here. Humiliate/shake hands. Humiliate/shake hands. Fuck man, you gotta do better than that.  Joseph spoke to dreams.  His coat wore the colors of royalty.  His brothers hated him.......They hated him for his gift. They wanted to kill him but they threw him in a pit and sold him as a slave.  Death is afraid of some.  You should also think so.  Its not true in your case.  I can tell by how afraid you are of life.  Burning bridges and a poor memory.  Candy wrappers on the high trail.                                            I dont want to insult you like Lots wife looking back.  Looking back…..looking back……looking back is an insult.  it's insulting.  it's offensive.  you can't charm the past.  you're a jerk for thinking that.  the panties are off, cum set in the sheets, its fuckkkkked, good and proper. proper fucked.  Jacob and his goddamn sons.  If theres a lesson its we’ve lessened.  Too stupid now to learn it. Too defiant. The tired, sick, hungry and poor came looking for a promise.  The blood of the lamb marked above the door.  Milk and honey.  Silk and money.  YHVH is pleased with our united states, the angel will pass us smiling toward deserving germany….. The best.  Be the best.  We’re the best.  Xenophobia never rests.  Gimme your tired, hungry, broken and poor…….I will make them fishers of others.  The pyramids of Giza point toward the angel…….oooooooooooooooooooo