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Him coming into class on the first day vs leaving
Him probably bringing you coffee so you can stay awake and focus more^-^ Because he's supportive!
His victory dance when he gets good grades^-^
Him probably thinking about chairs rather than focusing on the lecture.
Sitting in front of you everyday like this...Probably discussing the matter of pickles or something
You two were assigned to do a project together!! He explains his ideas and when he's finished he looks at you casually and says this
Gahhhh!!! This is for you @CheyenneJessee Still taking requests!! Any member from any group!! It can be any kind of moments^-^ Classroom, dates, IDC!! lolz
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OMG thank you! brightened my whole day! i love it lol
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@CheyenneJessee You're welcome^-^
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Thanks hun!! This put a smile on my face.
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@kekers96 You're welcome! Glad you are smiling!
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