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Love bug Challenge

Selfie: Since 2015 is almost over, this shows my transformations throughout the year.
Dream Crush: G Dragon! 💕 I love him so much he is my inspiration in life and just the cutest thing ever!
Current Relationship Status: I have no interest in a romantic relationship of any kind
Best Gift: I have two. First is a locket my father got me for my 17th birthday on one side it reads "Daddy's Princess" and on the other it reads "Momma's Angel." I have unfortunately lost the locket since. The second has more of a story behind it, but it's just some pizzas my coaches bought. The first time I went to practice after my mom died I ended up breaking down and going home. My sister and I went by my stepdad's to pick up some of my mom's things. When I got back home they had bought seven pizzas for my family. I almost cried.
My Ideal Man: I had to write a paper about this last year and it was the hardest thing I had ever done. With my lack of interest in relationships, I had never really thought about it. However, I have since found some criteria that is necessary for me to even notice them. They are the three C's: Cute, Clever, and most importantly Charismatic. I don't really like the "sexy" or "hot" types. I like the adorable and squishy guys! I like intellect more so than intelligence. I don't care about test scores so much as the ability to think abstractly. I am a rather oblivious individual, always in my own little world. That is why charisma is so important! I simply will not notice average people. I don't look at people's faces often so I rarely notice people's actual appearance.
Awesome card! thanks so much for the tag:) family comes first in my book too. that's the best love!
You're beautiful ^^ haha I love your eyes and hair :D that is a pretty locket and I'm sorry for your loss but it's good to see you continue to live your life even though it hurts. That's bravery to me :) thank you for sharing
Haha thank you! 😋 I tend to have a morbid sense of humor so I often make jokes about her death as part of normal conversation. However, people tend to freak out and say I'm so depressing and not to talk about stuff like that. So I rarely talk about anything serious or real dealing with her since people can't even handle my lighthearted jokes… but thanks @missb82
Thank you so much @nicolejb
You're very much a unique individual & with such captivating eyes! :-) Really really sorry to hear you lost your mum though. :-( On here is the kindest & most well-rounded online community who you can talk to about anything you need to with. And just so you know also, and of course not that you'll ever forget her, it's not weird if you want to talk about her or tell us about her through any creative expressions, like stories, to keep her memory alive (outside your own head) :-) Nice to meet you anyway xx
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