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@alise Yeah, I don't think so either, so I only went off what the commenters said. It's a lake, but where? Hm, I suppose I will dig into it a little more. XD @Tapsamai That sounds like a wonderful plan, Tap. I will look forward to your stories and many pictures. :D
@sofiamuller758 LOL! That's what we all want to know.
@YinofYang ...sis, dont be modest, tell them the truth thats your front yard.... *magnificent, bravo* sis, i love your view....
haha yeah you should tell us it's your front yard XD but more seriously, it really reminds me of the Alpes.... maybe it's there
@cheerfulcallie @MoonMinYeon Ahahahaha! Okay, maybe I will. What an amazing yard I have. I didn't even know. Perhaps, it is. I can't pinpoint where it is.