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Netizens talking badly about Sehun is nothing new. Although it's reached a point where people need to be mindful that he too has feelings. More and more MR removed videos are being made to specifically target Sehun(as if there was anything to point out). Not only that but his dancing, rapping, and even looks are being mocked. There has been so called Exo-L's wondering as to how "such a talentless oppa even got into Exo" and that "he should just leave like Tao, Kris, and Luhan". As Sehun's fan, a supporter of Exo and of true Exo-L's, I will do my best to spread kind words, and shut the mouths of rude people. -Shawol&SehunBiased❤
Sehun deserves to smile!~ ㅋㅋㅋ
Sehun is amazing! D: He doesn't deserve to be treated like that and he does indeed have talent, it's just that he most of the time doesn't show it much. If those netizens were true fans of Exo they wouldn't be bashing on Sehun ://
I swear to god I feel like ripping something's head off rn. It seriously pisses me off how some people do this. Like, how the hell could someone be this cruel to someone they DON'T KNOW AT ALL. I mean, they know who he is but they don't know him in person like the boys do. Netizens should sit the fuck down at a large table and recalculate their fucking life and see what the hell happened to them to become this way.
He can sing, rap, dance, and looks better than anyone I've ever met. Plus he is a cute little marshmallow
Never don't mind about a thing Sehunnie
Netizens are honestly some of the meanest people ever...
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