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not exactly the best pics of me that I got but it will do anyways............. my name is Emily or An. An my birth name Emily my english name I'm 13. I'm in middle school. not so glad to be going to high school next year since things will just get harder. I care for my hair a lot and my skin and I like to do nails so probably beautician when I'm older or translator cause I know like 3 languages going on 4 ayyy from Washington

school is tough right now I mean like honors. and parents making me do AP next year and running start sigh WHY MUST LIFE BE SO HARD!!!!!!

okay done with my ranting be happy


totally EXO Kris well he's not really EXO anymore but whatever. his smile tho and just....... everything about him.


completely single and don't plan on dating till college what's the point of having one now if the both of you have a high chance of going to different colleges. common sense guys


okay so it was like a week before homecoming (everyone was shocked that our middle school had homecoming) this guy tried to get me to go with him. he kept asking and asking he had his friends help him out too. i just didn't know what to say like i didn't know if i liked him or not if i should say yes or no. he and some of his friends had the same 4th period as me so a few days before homecoming when the teacher wasn't in the classroom he and his friends started singing what makes you beautiful by one direction and when they we're done one of his friends said "this song's for you Emily" everyone in the class fell silent and looked at me. now everyone in the class was bugging me to say yes. I thought about it and realized he must really like me and I thought it was cute and romantic that he did that so I said yes.we dated for a bit after but then he cheated on me with a friend of mine. we broke up and I 'm not friend's with who he cheated with anymore. another romantic thing that I want to talk about. so one of the friends that helped the guy who cheated on me was a German transfer student so he obviously had an accent which I thought was kind of cute. after I found out the guy cheated on me and I broke up with him I cried in the park after school. the German friend saw me and came over to comfort me. he hugged me and stuff and told me I deserved better than the guy who cheated on me. we became friends after that and as time passed we started to like each other and started dating. we loved each other a lot but then he said that he had to move back to Germany. I was so sad. he took me out for a last date and kissed me. that was my first kiss. he said he was sorry and that he was going to miss me. we still keep in touch. he says that when he's older he'll probably come back to Washington to be with me. but you know who knows what's going to happen anyways I had a tough love life at a pretty young age. well I don't care about relationships right now. okay well this part is really long so thanks for listening to my sob stories. you guys are true friends even if I don't really know you guys.


so first of all I kind of care about looks cute but not too cute handsome but not too hot taller than me but not too tall well that won't be hard since I'm only 4' 9" #Shorty has a good enough body not too over the top someone who will take care of me be there for me has a nice smile has manners. manners are important. it would be good if he is Asian to keep my parents happy but doesn't have to be someone who is crazy like me someone who shares the same interests someone that I can talk to someone that doesn't have a record and doesn't smoke or do drugs and is not a huge achoholic
Don't freak about the AP classes they're not as hard as they seem, but thats just me assuming that your already smart.... if you're not then good luck. JK, even in AP classes the first two years aren't as hard as people make it out to be. but when junior year comes around just try to keep up with your hw and good test grades and stuff will follow. Don't watch too many kpop videos too, trust me! Your GPA will regret it. Also that's assuming your school teaches it similarly to my school, but seeing as I'm from Minnesota I can't be certain about it. Anyways, comming from a senior in high school and a fellow kpopper, don't stress about high school it's actually really fun and even with the immense amount of work to do with AP classes you'll find a way to enjoy it 😊. Hwaiting! ✊
@ashleyagwatu thanks for the encouragement and I'll try to cut down on the kpop probably not gonna work tho. lol 😊
@RaquelArredondo awwww thank you!!!!!πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜Š
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