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So this is a pretty easy challenge and fun too! I'm a few days late getting it done but late than never right @PrettieeEmm? ^^ All you gotta do if you want to play is put your iPod or listening device (cell phone or computer) on shuffle and answer the questions with the songs. Super easy! NO Cheating it's more fun if it's random. ^^ >> << To the original card if you'd like to play and see @PrettieeEmm's example.
1. The same company of the first groups/person's song is the company you belong to.

Cube Entertainment

Beast ~ I'm Sorry

2. The FIRST singer is your Boyfriend.

Niel Niel ~ Only You

Have to say I am ok with this
3. Location of where you met (if not a keyword in the song refer to mv if available)

Venice Beach L.A.?

Jay Park ~ So Good

4. The LAST singer of this song is trying to come between you and your boyfriend.



eep! I might be tempted by Hongki's voice sorry Niel
5. The THIRD singer/rapper is your BFF.


Super Junior-M ~ Break Down

yay HyukJae is my bestie! *just missed Donghae..
6. The song your Boyfriend dedicated to you.

U-KISS ~ Lights Out

well that wasn't subtle at all Niel geez!
7. The song you dedicated back to him.

Super Junior ~ Hit Me Up

ok I have no room to talk now lol.. we're apparently a naughty couple ^^
8. The number of months/years since this group/person's debut is number of years you've been together.

5 years

Teen Top ~ Supa Luv

aww bae's group!
9. The first song you danced to at your wedding.

Zhoumi ~ Rewind (feat. TAO of EXO)

uh not sure if that's a good song or bad song to start our married life too...
10. Number of members signifies the number of kids you had.

5 kids

SHINee ~ Evil

whew I can handle five. I was so worried I was going to get a SuJu, EXO, or Seventeen song!
11. The FIRST rapper's name is what you'll name your first child.

Won Sik / Ravi VIXX LR ~ GHOST (Ravi solo)

This looks fun I can't wait to do this!
I'll do it, it looks fun.
I would totally do this but..... I have so many random songs that me getting someone I know will be hard
I've been meaning to do this one. Frankly, I'm a little nervous about the number of kids question... I don't want to know. The possibilities are terrifying!
With Niels lips who wouldn't be naughty Lol.. Hongki he's just unf his voice.. I love the results you got :)
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