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Can we just need talk about how damaged his thumb is here. It's two toned and there is cracking on the nail bed. First Nammie hurt himself and I saw someone else with a thing on their finger today on ASC now I'm seeing his poor thumb. Boys please take care of your fingers.
I dunno. it's weird it's all happening at the same time but it's easy to jam fingers like Jin and get something heavy dropped or slam a thumb in something like Suga. Hell, I sprain my wrist just 2 days ago making a hand gesture. Shit happens and other than saying we hope they get better, I say we keep positive and assume they've been working on something good or messing around a lot.
@KellyOConnor @LilySilver @CreeTheOtaku @MadAndrea I guess the phrase here is "Boys will be boys..."
I figured most of the injuries happened while they were messing around filming the Run and I Need U MVs, especially when they were running around and jumping on all of the train cars. after all, those boys can get pretty rambunctious with each other XD but they're young and should heal fine, so I was never worried for long.
It would be an old injury. My dad has a fingernail that looks like that and it's from a work related accident years ago but it never completely healed because the nail bed was damaged
I'm now worried about them
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