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I was tagged by @KellyOConnor to do the playlist challenge!
Check out her card too!
And @PrettieeEmm who posted the challenge!!
1. Name of company I belong to.
I belong to TOP Media!
Song was Baby U by Teen Top
2. The first singer is your BF.
Hoya is my BF! I'll take it, I was hoping for Hakyeon from VIXX but Hoya's my Infinite bias so its okay!
Song was Special Girl by Infinite H FT. Bumkey.
3. Location of where you met.
I met Hoya in this strange but cool room, lol.
Song This Love by Shinhwa.
4. The last singer of this song is trying to come between you and your BF.
I can't tell who was the last singer of this song, it was either I.M or Hyungwon. I believe it is I.M but I put a picture of Hyungwon up since he's cute lol.
Song Interstellar by Jooheon, Hyungwon, I.M, and Yella Diamond.
5. The 3rd singer/rapper is your BFF.
Hojoon from Topp Dogg is my bestie! I think we'd get along great!
Song Arario by Topp Dogg
6. The song your BF dedicated to you.
Wow wow wow by Jun Jin ft Eric
Ah Hoya so romantic! ;)
7. The song you dedicated back.
Song If You by BigBang.
Wow, I think I just killed our relationship with this one. I dedicated a breakup song to him... I sound awful! XD
8. The number of months/years of this group/person debut is the number of years you've been together.
We've been together somewhere around a year or more than one.
Song My Reaction by GOT7
9. The first song you danced to at your wedding.
Song Watch Out by HOTSHOT.
You see Hoya and I are really romantic, just kidding we love to jam out. XD
10. Number of members signifies the number of children you had.
I got seven children, lol.
Song Nice by GOT7.
But seriously seven, I'm just glad I Seventeen or EXO didn't pop up! But seven, I don't know if seven would satisfy Hoya. I mean have you seen that boy on stage, too sexy!
11. The first rappers name is what you'll name your first child.
G-Dragon or I guess Jiyong is my first child's name.
Song Crooked by G-Dragon
Wow, I was shocked that not one VIXX or BTS song came up. Like they play a major role in my k-pop playlist. Like they seriously dominate the playlist and not one song came up for them...I'm sad Hakyeon or Jimin didn't show up on my list but still I enjoyed doing this!!
If you haven't already done it, you should!!
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@baileykayleen Lol when If You popped up I laughed too! I was like damn I'm so romantic, jk. XD
2 years agoReply
@ChaErica so I just do a shuffle in my music? I don't know how to play this
2 years agoReply
@alohadaine Yes check out @PrettieeEmm card, she has the guidelines to how to play!
2 years agoReply
@ChaErica okay I'll try it and I'll post mine later 馃槀
2 years agoReply
@alohadaine Okay tag me in it so I can see it!!
2 years agoReply