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I was tagged by @KellyOConnor to do the playlist challenge!
Check out her card too!
And @PrettieeEmm who posted the challenge!!
1. Name of company I belong to.
I belong to TOP Media!
Song was Baby U by Teen Top
2. The first singer is your BF.
Hoya is my BF! I'll take it, I was hoping for Hakyeon from VIXX but Hoya's my Infinite bias so its okay!
Song was Special Girl by Infinite H FT. Bumkey.
3. Location of where you met.
I met Hoya in this strange but cool room, lol.
Song This Love by Shinhwa.
4. The last singer of this song is trying to come between you and your BF.
I can't tell who was the last singer of this song, it was either I.M or Hyungwon. I believe it is I.M but I put a picture of Hyungwon up since he's cute lol.
Song Interstellar by Jooheon, Hyungwon, I.M, and Yella Diamond.
5. The 3rd singer/rapper is your BFF.
Hojoon from Topp Dogg is my bestie! I think we'd get along great!
Song Arario by Topp Dogg
6. The song your BF dedicated to you.
Wow wow wow by Jun Jin ft Eric
Ah Hoya so romantic! ;)
7. The song you dedicated back.
Song If You by BigBang.
Wow, I think I just killed our relationship with this one. I dedicated a breakup song to him... I sound awful! XD
8. The number of months/years of this group/person debut is the number of years you've been together.
We've been together somewhere around a year or more than one.
Song My Reaction by GOT7
9. The first song you danced to at your wedding.
Song Watch Out by HOTSHOT.
You see Hoya and I are really romantic, just kidding we love to jam out. XD
10. Number of members signifies the number of children you had.
I got seven children, lol.
Song Nice by GOT7.
But seriously seven, I'm just glad I Seventeen or EXO didn't pop up! But seven, I don't know if seven would satisfy Hoya. I mean have you seen that boy on stage, too sexy!
11. The first rappers name is what you'll name your first child.
G-Dragon or I guess Jiyong is my first child's name.
Song Crooked by G-Dragon
Wow, I was shocked that not one VIXX or BTS song came up. Like they play a major role in my k-pop playlist. Like they seriously dominate the playlist and not one song came up for them...I'm sad Hakyeon or Jimin didn't show up on my list but still I enjoyed doing this!!
If you haven't already done it, you should!!
@ChaErica so I just do a shuffle in my music? I don't know how to play this
@baileykayleen Lol when If You popped up I laughed too! I was like damn I'm so romantic, jk. XD
I laughed at the song you dedicated to Hoya lol. My sister did this for fun, and her guy dedicated Love is Over to her. XD we assume she got with the guy who tried to take her away.
@PrettieeEmm Haha yes he does! ;)
oh 7 kids bless your heart sounds tiring.. Lol But Hoya makes up for it I bet :)
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