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We see this often during sporting events.

A brave soul gets the courage to kneel before his true love, his true front of thousands of people, and say the words:

Will you marry me?

And most of the time, the girl breaks into tears, hugs, kisses the man of her dreams and say the word:


But that's not always the case. We sometimes even see cases...

Like this.


Well then, I have a question for my sports fans!

*** What do you guys think about marriage proposals at sporting events? ***

Would you guys propose at a sporting event? Would you want to be proposed to at a sporting event?

Comment below on what you guys think!

@EvanYannetti Haha well if she was going to say yes, maybe the place doesn't matter after all?
It can be nice but you have to think how much pressure is on the woman
if it's at my favorite teams ballpark or stadium then Yes! if not, No! lol @mchlyang
@Straightshooter Hahahahahahha I like that. "Different strokes for different bloaks."
I actually don't have an opinion since I never thought of it so yeah xD
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