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I'm a idol At YG entertainment Song: Sober- Big Bang
Key is bae💖 Song: Hold You-SHINee
I met Key at a abandon school basketball court lol Song: Let's not fall in love-Big Bang
Junhoe is trying to come between us😱 Song:Apology- IKON
Jackson is my BFF😱💖 Song:Moonlight- GOT7
Key dedicated this too me😍 he's so lovely lol❣
I really am crazy for key lol that I even dedicated this song to him❣
I've been with key since 2013😘 3yrs❣ Song:I like it- BTS
Our wedding song was Epik High- Spoiler 👰🏻💍
Omfg we had 5 damn kids😱 Song:Zutter- Big Bang
We named our first child Ravi👶🏼 Song: Remember- VIXX L
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you got Jackson!! even as a BFF lucky!! I love it! :)
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