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So it's raining in California 馃導 miracle! So I taught to myself what are some good songs for rainy nights like tonight! I picture rainy nights as a more calm playlist, so I'm putting up my all time top 11 to listen too like nights like tonight....Time to cuddle up馃挋
Jay Park- Star
Zion.T- Kiss me
Huh Gak- Up All Night
Jay Park- Seattle 2 Seoul
Tablo- Try Ft. Bumkey
Huh Gak-Along the Days This song just makes me ball into tears but it's so beautiful, it's my fave from Huh Gak馃挋
Nell- Lost in Perspective
BTS- Let Me Know I just fudging love these boys馃挅
BTS- Love Is Not Over馃挋
Sweet Sorrow- Beautiful
One way- Let's Just Chill
Hope you enjoyed!! These are to me my rainy night songs 馃 If you have any song that makes up your rainy night tell me!馃挋馃導 I would like to have a listen馃挋
@cindystran thanks for the tag, this list is awesome ^^
This playlist is on point! I'm in love with totally every song. I only heard of Nell, BTS, and One Way but the rest are new to me. Thanks for the intro! :)
perfect because its raining here where i live thank you 馃槉馃槉馃槉馃槉
oh such a pretty playlist heg
playlist on fleeeeeek cx
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