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As you proooobably know, BTOB's Sungjae and Red Velvet's Joy were paired together for We Got Married, which is a show I don't really watch so I'm just now seeing these. And dear god they make the cutest!! Couple!!
I mean, they're both ridiculously attractive...
And they're so funny together!!! I really hope they're enjoying the show as much as people were who watched.
They seriously look like a real couple!! I know it's all staged and set up and meant to look that way but you can't fake chemistry.
Even if it's just "friend" chemistry, I hope their friendship lasts a long, long, LONG time after this, because it's too precious!
Just the little moments are cute, too ><

Hwaiting Joy & Sungjae!!! Stay friends forever!!!

Because you're cute & funny & I like you.
I just feel like Sungjae is the nicest guy ever. I've never heard anything but great stories about how kind he is and I JUST WANT TO BE HIS FRIEND OKAY. I hope Joy enjoys her time with him, they're both so busy!
@kpopandkimchi They are!! I'm just glad it seems like they're having fun. I think this would be a fun schedule to have to go to film at least!