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As you all already know BTS was on AFTER SCHOOL CLUB!!! I COULDNT WATCH IT LIVE SADLY BUT WHEN I DID IT WAS THE MOST FUNNIEST THING I EVER SAW!! I'm just going to share some of my favorite moments from the show.

V's English XD

You guys know that RapMonster is in charge of speaking in English for the group. Well when Eric ask Namjoon if the members tried to learn more english he said not really they just relied on him...That's when V started talking in English...his english reminded me of Suengrish( Seungri's version of English) The gif above is him introducing himself to the viewers...But it was good to see all the member speak a little English...It was just too cute!!

J-Hope's Cover Dance--EXID "HOT PINK"

I literaaly couldnt breathe after J-hope dance to Exid's Hot Pink....He was so good at it....His dance moves were on point XD

Suga's Recognition

When ask what their favorite song on their ablum...Jin and Jimin both pick songs that a was produce which Suga enjoyed very much....I just can't get over his facial expression on the last one "Yeah man" XD

V's Accident

So they had a challenge to dance slow and fast to their choreography to any song(R.U.N)..well V got a little too excited and his hat fell on his face XD but that didn't stop him from dancing!!! That's what I call real determination! By this time it was over I was on the floor dying of laughter!!

Jungkook Comes Through With The Meme Faces!!!

Now we all know the many funny and hilarious faces Jungkook can make but this one got me dying..So they were playing a game where they had to think like the fans a answer some questions, I think Jungkook got a question wrong and was confuse and then that face came out....I don't know if he practice making these faces but they are the funniest expressions I have ever seen...If you find a meme with one of these faces please show me!!
I Had So Much Fun Watching Them!!! Its always A Good Time When They Are On ASC...Thanks to Eric and Jimin for having them...They are awesome hosts!!

Did You Watch Them??What Was Your Favorite Part!?!

@anonymousdork same bc i fell asleep yesterday馃槀
I have yet to watch this episode. Will definitely be checking it out when I get home from work later tonight.. ^_^
Rap Mons English. ...ughhh ma feels 馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏
@cindystran I usually watch it on
V looks like a minion high on Christmas with that hat covering his face....anyone else thinks so?
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