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I've never read Their Story aka Tamen De Gushi, but I came across these different groups of cosplay photos that are so totally stunning, and really bring what I can see of the story to life!
(cr: Tôn Cảnh || #Coser_CungDã)
All of the different cosplayers are so good that they make me want to read the manga, and I like....NEVER read manga! Maybe I'll have to pick this up. Anyways, enjoy browsing the cosplays :)
(cr: cosplayer)
(cr: RARA, Kawa)
(cr: Tôn Cảnh || #Coser_CungDã)
(cr: X, X)
(cr: cosplayer)
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holy crap, 1 & 4 is hot. lol it's ok for me to say that, right? ≧∇≦