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Let's take a minute and talk about these Kimojis.

If it wasn't for my close friend, I probably wouldn't even be here writing this right now. I've never been a huge Kim Kardashian fan and I probably never will be. Aside from her well put together ensembles and her entrepreneurship, I can't really such much more. Call me a hater if you choose. So be it. I'll admit I have a love/hate relationship with the app already. I had no clue what Kimojis were until I rushed to my app store on my phone late last night.
Being that it is a Kim Kardashian product, I figured they would be charging an arm and a leg for some emojis reminiscent of Kim. Low and behold, it was actually a decent price. Of course I gave in and purchased the app. I will admit that the Kim inspired emojis are rather cute. Some are a bit risqué [from her derrière to a cup of lean] and probably could've been omitted from the app, but for the most part I was impressed. That is until I actually tried to use the emojis and fell somewhat disappointed.
For starters, you have to copy and paste the emojis in order to use them [unlike normal emojis]. You can only use these specific emojis in messaging and I was really looking forward to using them on social media [what a bummer] and lastly, the real kicker - they're absolutely huge. I was expecting your average emoji size because that's how they were portrayed in the app store, but once you actually paste them into your message, they are five times too big and takes away from the entire aesthetic. I will say this, the kimojis are cute to send to your boo or your girls to add excitement to the conversation.
Although I wasn't fully impressed, I'll keep them around for awhile -- only because they're trendy and rather entertaining. In other words, it's lit! We know now that Kim has a huge influence over fans and the world in general because she had the ability to break Apple's app store yesterday because so many people purchased her app. Let's not forget the time she broke the internet. You might not like Kim, but you definitely can't tell me she's not about her money. I mean, she is married to Mister Money Man himself. Talk about a couple who hustles, can't even be mad at that. Keep scrolling to see the Kimojis for yourself [below].

Would you give in and purchase the Kimojis?

ohhh the cry face is so good! haha honestly I wouldn't pay for this, but I love emojis. I actually downloaded an app called Popemojis. It's just images of the Pope doing funny things. I love it.
Is there nothing these people won't put their name to? I'm waiting for a range of Kimpons to come out.
@jordanhamilton true, but if it's fun $2 isn't bad!
It SO is @jordanhamilton! I send them to my mom all the time (she loves the Pope)
The cry face happens to be one of the main reasons I purchased it. I couldn't resist for $2, but if I knew they weren't actual emoji size I would've passed it up and that pope app sounds brilliant! Lol @nicolejb
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