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SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG VINGLE CRASHED AND IT WAS LIKE 2 AM so I went to sleep if you missed pt.1 <<click!! looking for pt.3?? <<click!!
Another hangout session where they asked BTS to make hearts!!! (1-4) and then someone mentioned that J-Hope's new single was amazeeee so just look at him on the last slide
and then these embarrassing dorks V and Jungkook did this COMPLICATED HANDSHAKE which was hilarious yet on point
and then there was a TON of fanart
and more...
and more THESE ARE AMAZING *I do not own ANY of these creds belong to their respective owners*
They then did a little fan q&a, where they had to choose which answer they thought the most fans chose!! ANSWERS 1) Carbonara pizza 2) 2014 MAMA J-Hope solo practice 3) Black 4) Ep.158 'I Need U' Playful 5) No Makeup Sep die 6) Tongue Action 7) 2014 'MBC Gays Daejejun Intro Performance Trailer'
Oh and after the first question the MC Jimin asked whether these were photos of things he actually cooked (yes) to which he responded, "부럽죠 시집오고십죠?" ("You're jealous right, you wanna get married to me right?") TO WHICH IM PRETTY SURE EVERY (Korean, because it was in korean) FAN GIRL DIED BECAUSE HELL YES PLEASE LIKE GODDAM YOU SING AND YOU COOK AND YOURE JUST AMAZING UGH
IM OUT OF GODDAM SPACE AGAIN SO click for pt.3 if you missed pt.1 <<click!!
If you guys wanna watch the full thing click below!