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It's Tuesday - time for the plays of the week!

Which is your favorite?

5. Cam Newton vs. Giants

Bigger, faster, stronger. Cam is too good and is the sure MVP of the league after his latest 5-TD game. He is nearly impossible to bring down!

4. Antonio Brown vs. Broncos

In case there was any doubt that Antonio Brown is the best WR in the league right now, check this one out. Brown tips up the pass to himself as the coverage is draped all over him and spins around to haul in the pass. Ridiculous concentration.

3. Kamar Aiken vs. Chiefs

Add this one to the list of crazy Hail Mary plays this year! It reminds me of the Aaron Rodgers play from a few weeks ago - Jimmy Clausen heaves one up and Kamar Aiken is able to snag it and run in the last 2 yards to the endzone for 6 just before the half.

2. Marquise Lee vs. Falcons

Whoa! Marquise Lee does Antonio Brown one better with the concentration tip-drill catch! He makes a great original play on the ball and keeps his eye on it all the way to the ground to bring it in for a big gain!

1. David Johnson vs. Eagles

This could be the run of the season. Rookie David Johnson rips the Eagles apart, turning a 2-yard gain into a 47-yard TD by breaking at least 6 or 7 tackles en route to the end zone. I can't believe they couldn't take him down - what determination!
mine would be cam newton
ill go with Antonio Brown
Yeap the Johnson play was just unbelievable