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Merry Christmas everyone!

Week 16 is upon us - it's crunch time for the playoffs. For many teams, it's now or never. Here are my picks for some of the week's biggest matchups.

Jets vs. Patriots

This is a huge game for the Jets, who are currently on the outside looking in for the AFC Wild Card. They need to win this one, but it's never easy to beat the Pats at home, and Bill Belichick always does his best to ruin the Jets' hopes and dreams. The Jets have won 4 in a row and are proving to be one of the NFL's better teams, but the Pats have played the entire season as one of the league's best. Maybe I'm an optimist, but I think the Jets can fight hard to get it done.
My pick: Jets 20, Patriots 17.

Packers vs. Cardinals

Carson Palmer may be the MVP candidate, but it was David Johnson who got it done against the Eagles, scoring 3 TDs and collecting over 200 total yards to crush Philadelphia. The Cardinals are playing as one of the league's top 2 or 3 teams and are on a crash course to play Carolina for the NFC Super Bowl bid. The Packers are also just about a lock for the NFC North title, though this hasn't been the terrific season they had been expecting. They've had their struggles.
My pick: Cardinals 30, Packers 20.

Panthers vs. Falcons

I don't think this one will be close, but I have to include the Panthers on this list as they remain undefeated. They beat the Falcons 38-0 just two weeks ago, and put up 38 points last week again as they snuck by the Giants on a last-second FG to end a furious Giants comeback. The Falcons started the season 5-0 but have absolutely crumbled before our eyes. They got back on track with a win last week but I don't think they have a prayer against the undefeated Panthers.
My pick: Panthers 31, Falcons 14.
I can't believe the jets won and the steelers lost plus the chiefs won. Best Christmas ever
merry (late) christmas!!