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>Part 1 Hope you guys enjoy!!! ^.^
“Do I look okay?” You asked your boyfriend, Chen. “Baby you look way better than okay.” He was probably just saying that so you would finally be finished getting ready for the dinner party his company was throwing for Christmas. You had been nervous about it since the day Chen told you about it. Did you look pretty enough? Did your hair and makeup look good? Did your dress suit the occasion? So many questions ran through your mind. You wanted Chen to be proud to have you as his girlfriend. You wanted to impress anyone you could that night but you were scared you would fail. The whole ride to the party you were on edge. Chen sensed this and asked “Is everything alright baby? You seem off.” He was so excited about going to this party so instead of bringing his mood down you replied “Everything is fine! I’m just anxious to get to the party!” Chen parked the car, got out and came around to open the door like the gentleman he was. You were checking your makeup in the mirror of the car. “Babe come on you look gorgeous. No need to fix anything.” You stepped out of the car in your red pumps, hoping not to fall as you got out. It was rather cold out. You were glad you wore the red pea coat Chen had got you for your birthday or else you would be freezing. You two walked hand in hand to the door. Again Chen being a gentleman opened it for you “Ladies first.” He smiled. You walked down the hall to the huge room where the party was being held. On the way you walked by a mirror and stopped abruptly surprising Chen. You fiddled with your hair and jacket. “Babe would you stop? You look stunning! Come on!” A man at the entryway asked “May I take your coat?” Chen helped you take of your coat. He put his arm around your waist and you took a deep breath as he led you around, introducing you to everyone he came in contact with. His introduction was “Hi ____ nice to see you. This is my beautiful girlfriend Y/N.” You got many compliments on your hair, dress, and shoes but it still didn’t make you feel good enough to be seen with Chen.
As you were sitting down at dinner you kept looking around at all the beautiful women at this party. They made you feel ugly, fat, and simply not good enough to be around a man so well-known like Chen. Chen noticed your actions and with a tone of concern asked “What are you staring at?” “That girl over there… she is so pretty.” He raised an eyebrow. “Don’t tell me you are into girls now too.” You rolled your eyes. “No of course not… it’s just she looks so much better than me. You should be with someone like her… You deserve a pretty girl.” He sighed and got up taking you with him. He brought you out to the area by the bathrooms. “Would you stop being so down on yourself? You are a beautiful women and I don’t want to call any other girl mine. Only you. So please stop worrying about the other girls and what they look like. You are the one and only girl for me. And besides looks aren’t everything.” “You’re just saying that…” “I’ll prove it to you.” “How-“ You couldn’t finish what you started to say since he lifted you up bridal style and pushed open the women’s bathroom door. Luckily no one was in there. He locked the door and placed you down on the counter.
He whispered into your ear “You are gorgeous in every way and you are the only one I want.” He cupped your face and forcefully kissed you. “I’m going to make you believe that right here and right now.” The way he said this was such a turn on. He lightly traced your legs from right above your ankles to the bottom of your dress. He started moving your dress up and out of the way. You started unbuttoning his pants. God he looked good in a suit. Both of your breaths started getting heavy between kissing. He started rubbing his fingers over your womanhood and tugged at the waistband of your panties. He removed them and tossed them to the floor. The counter wasn’t providing a good enough angle for him so he lifted you up and brought you to one of the bigger stalls. He let you down and he put the seat cover down, sat on the toilet and pulled you closer to him. You stood with your legs spread wide right over his manhood. He lifted your dress even more than before and started kissing your stomach and you unzipped him. By this time you were so anxious to have him inside you. You knew how well he knew your body. He knew just the spot to hit that sent you into euphoria. You pulled his pants and boxers down just enough to expose his hard member. “Ready?” you asked. “Oh yeah. I wanna be inside you now. Don’t make me wait any longer.” You put your hands on his shoulders and lowered your drenched womanhood onto his waiting member one inch at a time. You moaned at the feeling of him filling you up. He moved his hands up the sides of your thighs then cupped your behind. “God that feels so good baby.” He waited for your body to adjust to his size. Then he whispered “Ride me baby…” You moved yourself up and down over and over. The feeling of pleasure keep increasing in intensity as that special spot was being hit repeatedly. “Oh-Oh my god babe I’m so close.” You yelled out. “Mmm s-so am I” a few more thrusts later you felt him release him load and he let out an exasperated noise. Seconds later you began moaning and tightening your hands on his shoulders, digging your nails into them, and climaxed intensely. The waves of pleasure spread through your whole body. “Convincing enough?” “Mhmm.” You lifted yourself off of him, fixed your dress and unlocked the stall door as he made sure he was presentable. You grabbed your panties off the ground and put them back on. Chen put his hands on your arms, kissed your forehead and said “I love every inch of you baby. I don’t ever want you to think different. Okay?” “I’m sorry I was so insecure babe. Thank you for making me feel like the prettiest girl ever. I love you so much.” You kissed his cheek. He unlocked the door and a women was about to walk in. She gasped when she saw Chen behind you. You both just smiled and walked hand in hand back to the party. You were now sure that he didn’t want anyone else.

The next story will be fluff!! I've already decided on the next member so look out for that :D Thanks for reading.

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"read at your own risk" you make it sound like its a death hazard. oh.. wait..
Sweet blue eyed baby Jesus.. I choked on my juice.. That went from 0-100 in a sec.. Damn you Chen... 😢😢😐😐😐😂😂😂😂😍😍😍😍🙋
I was not expecting that to escalate so quick! Chen, you're so damn adorable and loving 😭☺️❤️
i was so not prepared for that.
i i i omg i am dead lol.
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