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They go hand in hand.

What's the holiday's without plaid? I mean seriously, we all associate plaid with the holiday's and truthfully, it's extremely fashion forward. It's funny how growing up the things we used to hate we grew a liking for. Well, plaid happens to be one of those things.
I grew up going to a private school and I had to wear a plaid pleated skirt five days a week, talk about torture. Back then I hated it, but I would easily rock a plaid skirt two decades later. If you're not really in to plaid, no worries -- keep scrolling and allow me to make you a believer with the help of a few images.

Are you mad about plaid?

Is plaid a trend you could see yourself wearing this season?
>:x I hate that people say i copy a fad or like how marshal lee dressed when i dressed like it before it even came out or started being popular again. It just so happens i look better in plaid DX and red and black are my favorite colors. T.T
Lol red plaid is perfect! It's definitely making a comeback @MadHouseRomance
I have and love wearing the red plaid...BUT I HATE IT WHEN OTHER PEOPLE DO >:v why u wear my clothes
Yeah I feel like if someone likes something then they can wear whatever they choose to wear. If you like it, then why not? 💁🏽 @MadHouseRomance