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Hey Vingle Nakama!!! Here is another installment of the Preliminary VS Battles. Thank you everyone for all the input and votes in all the other cards! And so... Let's get started!

We all know the infamous Sebastian Michaelis. He is a strong demon and will do anything for his master, Ciel Phantomhive. He is a master at everything. Cooking, ice sculpting, cleaning, and especially killing. He will not hesitate to kill anyone that needs to be killed. He is a master of knifes and plates as a weapon, or rather anything. But once his contract is fulfilled the kill that is most thrilling is that of his master's.
Kaname Kuran is a pureblood vampire and also the Progenitor of this family. As the head of the night class at cross academy, he has the power to control other vampires and destroy anything and anyone in his way. He is not afraid to hurt anyone who hurt or try to harm Yuki Cross, or rather Yuki Kuran, his sister and fiance. He has the power to lift up the earth and hurl it at his enemies and he can move swiftly and quickly as if he teleports. He also was able to make vampires instantly and spontaneously combust/disintegrate into nothing.
This would prove to be a thrilling and quite sophisticated one. They both are not afraid to give it their all if they needed to fight for the ones they are willing to protect. Who do you think would win? Thanks, my fellow publishers for being the best!! CX @VinMcCarthy @Kirik @TylerDurso @MadAndrea @DaiGakuSei @Thatperson512 @Danse Tagging: @biancadanica98 @BlackoutZJ @Bloodraven @BrettBrown @BrittanyFrazee @ButterflyBlu @Cager @CaitlinDavis @Calanator @ChibiEVE @chris98vamg @ChrisLuu @chrisramirez23 @ChristianRankmo @ChristinaOMalle @ChristopherKenn @Chronoshindo @chuyslim @ColeSevigny @ConnerThompson @CoreyPellegrin @CreeTheOtaku @CrimsonBlitz216 @Cytlaly @DaequanLewis @Danse @DariusLigon @deathsaia @DipDopOfTheDip @DustinPowe @Elecktra987 @electica @EmilianoMacias @EricS @FernandoGarza @franklovespuns @GalenUnleashed2 @gh0str3con1596 @GinnaL13 @GregSchulte @Haidurr @HaleyPerkins @HessenGalan @HiddenOne15 @IanHand @IanHoyer @IrvinHoyos @IsaiahWaterford @ItsMeKafar @jacobsnyder @jairoescobar54 @JaisonRagnaught @Jason41 @Javi201 @jeremimzy17 @JessaxD @jevonlowery @Jithu @JoelCarmonaRoja @JoelCruzJr21 @JonathanBellamy @JonathanBurnham @JonathanJones @JosiahDoyle @JosieAnime15 @JulieBurk @Kaidra @Kakashilover @KathyGarcia @Kaycemadison @KellerBertrand @KenonWilliams @Kiirahaha @Kirik @Kirooken @KittyCommittee @LaqondaHope @Lawzo @LetsGoAnime @littlechibi97 @littlemaryk @Lorena13 @Luffy051 @MaighdlinS @MajahnNelson @MariamaFeaster @Markimooluv @metaleuphoria @MetalMorgan @mirandaTate @MisfitMashup @MohammedSaheel @MoonRose @msfancysunshine @MusicLover4Ever @natsu2 @nberry1620 @RadChick10 @ravenator143 @SAGEOTAKU @samihudson @SamuelGutierrez @SantaraJones @SareBear @sasunaru @sbrisita @SeanMcintosh @SeaseaBlue @Sensui @Shaggystwin @Sharia @ShawnKukacka @Shippudenguy21, @Christ04 @TravisSimpkins @amedina0125 @TaylorKoby @ARMYStarlight @randysqwishy23 @TravisSimpkins @nberry1620 @iixel @lullabyneko @Fmoney @littlemaryk @JakeErter @pervysagex @AhalloweenGirl @KaylanMadoori @TrevorMoon @Hikaymm @reaper412 @tayhar18920 @ShinigamiSan @dragonlover1852
Voting will occur once this card is put up and closes at 12:15 AM EST tomorrow 12/23/15. Please comment your vote and your opinion as to why! (X
Sebastian,cuz why not ..... He is one hell of a Butler馃槇馃槇馃槇.., After all
Sebastian because he's a demon.
Sebastian sorry Kaname...
sebby of course
I actually haven't watched either of the animes that these guys are from so I can't really sound off on this battle. But for what it's worth I've heard Sebastian is very strong.
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