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How well do you know Bts
Okay so here is a game I decided to do. All you do is guess who's lips are who's. If your wondering why there are 8 instead of seven it's because I put my lips in the game too. So this will test how well you know BTS! When you answer in the comments if you want you can make the answer like this: 1- Jimin I'm not saying that's the correct answer or not, just an example. Lets see who can get all correct!! Good Luck!!
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1-Namjoon 2-you 3-suga 4-j-hope 5-jin 6-jimin 7-V 8-jungkook
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1- jungkook 2- you 3- taehyung 4- hoseok 5- jimin 6- namjoon 7- Jin 8- yoongi
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I had a hard time at 1 & 3 but when I looked at the comments then I found out who it was. The others were easy
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1) you 2) Kookie 3) Taetae 4) Hobi 5) Jimmie 6) Namjoon 7) Jin 8) Yoongi I had a hard time figuring out 1&2 馃槀馃槀
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. You 2. Jungkook 3. V 4. J hope 5. Jimin 6. Rapmon 7. Jin 8. Suga
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