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Hi! Most of you have done this, so I'm a little late :3 /blush
Selfie Time :3 I also like to cosplay, so I added a few pictures. Excuse the beech faces; they're unintentional xD.
Crush: Jang Hyuk ❤ I've been in love with this man for around 12 years. He is just so adorable and silly and handsome! I hope I can meet him one day. He's been getting kinda old :c I do have a few other biases, including, but not limited to Lee Jong Suk, GD, Jackson, Mark and taehyung.
Relationship Status: I'm single... BUT I hope to meet my future hubby in a few years :3
Romantic Memory: Hmmm... I'd have to say it is when my ex proposed. One of the moments I'll never forget. But everything happens for a reason.
Ideal Type: Eep. That's too hard to be specific about. I don't really mind what he looks like, as long as he can always make me laugh. It would be a plus if he was adventurous, cute, smart, playful, silly, somewhat has an interesting career that resembles mine. It would be very nice if he loved kids so that one day he could be an amazing father. Again, it would be preferred if he had some similarities with me, like playing my favorite games and likes watching anime and mayyyyybe kdramas. (Most guys don't really care for kdramas lol)
Thanks for reading this until the end.
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😄 I got it! Thanks @AlloBaber
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Mashallah!You are so so pretty.i like ur card a lot.
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Aww thanks @Sara3 !! :3
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Thankies :3 !!! @CPTdonut
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