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dude we all know its a trap as long as they have anime and mange I'll go and don't care
Me: "What anime and manga do you have?" Kidnapper: "Uh... A lot?" Me: "I don't know... Seems sketchy..." Kidnapper: *accidentally quotes something* Me: *squints at them a they nervously smile* "Ok then!"
Kidnapper: Hey you! otaku: me? Kidnapper: yes you! wanna have free anime and manga? otaku: hmmmmmmmm what do you have?? Kidnapper: uhhhhhhh..... Naruto? im an otaku like you! otaku: whats Naruto's last name then? Kidnapper: I'll tell you in the van otaku: van? tell me his last name and i'll take the free stuff Kidnapper: His last name is Shippuden 😁😁😁 otaku:....... Kidnapper: so you comming? otaku: hold on a sec Kidnapper: ok *takes out phone and dials 911* otaku: (whispers quietly) theres a kidnapper here arrest him! phone: where are you? *tells address* phone: ok *hangs up* *then fortunately theres a police station 15 mins away* Kidnapper:you done? otaku: wait I need to see get something wait here Kidnapper: ok After 15 mins police cars came police: PUT YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR kidnapper: what??? whats going on? then the otaku appears Otaku: NARUTO'S LAST NAME ISNT SHIPPUDEN IDIOT!
@DamianWalker so true haha
I smell a trap
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