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Have fun with your jobs!!!
What character WAS I you mean?? And Fairy Dragons is about the Same but we don't need rules cause we are a family and knows out boundaries besides keeping it PG and I wan stuck with Gray in His last Clan which I'm sure you can tell is the Fairy Dragons. Him along with Edo-Lucy Left. Gray left because of his lack in fun and edolu I don't know and I Don't care. I Mean don't get me wrong they are both still family but the way that they handled everything wasn't okay. THEN! He tried to frame me into something that I hadn't caused. THEN! Some of his members started making there way to my Fairy Dragon clan and we have a Max amount of people due to him being so rude. It may all be caused due to his Maturity, but he shouldn't be such an asshole to the people who try to make him feel good about himself and be friends with him. The Gray you know isn't the Gray that you think he will always be. If you do anything he doesn't like. Then it's all over for you.
@havic I want a job request.....I want to catch a legendary and taste fish xP
Lol I AM Juvia.
okay then. what character WERE you?
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