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MARK: My head.... it's all blurry the fact that the satisfaction i am receiving is coming from then man i wanted for so long. I was laying on top of Jackson. His strange stares were intense and i pushed my head on his forehead. Both of us panting and Jackson still holding on to my chest. We kiss but it wasn't a strong one. We were tired and wanted to have some alone time. We skipped class and went outside.
JACKSON: Mark and i went to the park were we first met as little kids in elementary school. Mark sat down on one of the swings. I sat my self down on the ground and we just stared at each other. I got up grabbed Mark's chin and kissed him. He held my waist lightly and the kiss was passionate. I lat go of his neck and started walking. He told me many things about his life and how his father once embarrassed him in front of his friends one day. Laughing like fools we ended up not returning to school at all.
Mark had bought his own apartment and half of my time i spend it with him and helped him with things since he's too lacy to cook for himself nor sleep without hearing noises.
At night Mark was sleeping very close to my chest and his leg was up on mine. Removing long parts of his hair off his face and stared with a smirk on my face.
I am so sorry if it's too short. The teacher was standing behind me for half the class and i couldn't write anything.
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