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There's already so much misinformation and hype in the multi-billion-dollar fitness industry, its no wonder the idea of walking into a gym freaks people out who have never been inside of one before.
Here's what WE DO KNOW:
Chest Day is Monday.
January is the BUSIEST gym month of the year. It's also the busiest chest month to boot!
This card is geared toward women because the gym is JUST AS MUCH YOUR PLACE as it is for men. There's no such thing as "weights are for men and yoga is for women." BUNK! Get in there girls--lift those weights--own it. Master your entire body--what goes in and how you exercise it.
I discovered an incredible resource on YouTube that I think you would really enjoy. If not, then please let me know. LOL It's Womens Workout Channel. What's great about this channel is that it features all kinds of exercises. Some you can do at home, others at the gym. And depending on your goals, you can amp it up through either circuit training, sets, reps, weights and timing in-between.

Intense Arm Workout

Glutes and Legs Workout

Get Motivated

Don't wait till after New Years, when the gym is overcrowded to start your body ownership-transformation. My advice is this: Get a nutritionist to nail down your diet. Get your buying and eating habits under control and get it habitual, which takes about 40 days to lock in, AND THEN GET A TRAINER (if you think you need one), and start your workout in mid-February. By then the resolution crowd will have dissipated and you'll have already felt and seen results from better eating for 40 days.
Remember, fitness isn't a 30-day challenge or a 12-week program, it's a lifestyle. Within that lifestyle you will experience highs, lows and stagnation. You'll get fired up, feel stupid and want to give up. But don't let the highs and lows deter you from pursuing your dream. And what is that dream? Complete body ownership. OWN YOUR BODY INSIDE AND OUT. Make choices that cultivate the person you want to be.
Awesome!!! I love this resource @marshalledgar, thanks so much for sharing it!! I think @alywoah would really like this too ^.^ I feel so motivated reading what you wrote, thanks for empowering all the ladies out there! >:D
my pleasure @allobaber πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„ I'd love to see more women hit the weights at my gym.