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Hey Vingle Nakama!!!

@Hikaymm tagged me in this latest Deck the Halls with Anime challenge, so here's my response! I'm sorry I've been missing them >.<
Anyways, this challenge prompts us all with the question:

What present would you most like to receive from an anime character?

Like @hikaymm did, I'm going to go with two! One practical, one not.
If you want to check out the collection for Deck the Halls, check it out here!!

The Practical Gift: A Pokeball!

This simple item is a staple of my childhood. I used countless many of them in my games of Pokemon growing up, and I reveled in seeing Ash use them in the anime.
Considering how plentiful and cheap they are, I figure it wouldn't be a terrible stretch to imagine getting one as a gift!

The Impractical Gift: One for All

This one probably isn't as well know. But it comes from the manga Boku no Hero Academia, or My Hero Academy. The amazing superhero All Might bestows this incredible power upon Midoriya, granting him incredible strength and durability.
I would love to have superpowers! I can imagine all the things I would do. IT's probably ultimately a bad idea and super illogical to have, but gosh darn it, I want it!