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Anything you can do, Lauren can do better.

Nordstrom realized the true meaning of beauty and strength when they decided to feature this beauty in their ads. It's not everyday that you see an amputee model featured in holiday ads for a huge retailer. Lauren Wasser lost her leg to Toxic Shock Syndrome, but she didn't let this minor milestone get in the way of her modeling career.
While she was in the spotlight last year after filing a lawsuit against the popular feminine hygiene brand, Kotex -- she's now in the spotlight for something much more positive. The 28-year old is making history that will hopefully open more doors for models who are deserving of recognition. We're making slow progress in the industry when it comes to beauty standards, but hey -- progress is progress, right? Keep scrolling to hear more of Lauren's story and see amazing images of her doing what she does best.

Talk about amazing.

Way to go Nordstrom for realizing true beauty.
You can follow Lauren and her amazing journey via IG: @theimpossiblemuse
This is a really great positive message. I love it.
I agree! I love her story and the fact that she is living out her dreams :) @InPlainSight