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Really Perfer Ones With Good Graphics Plz And Can You Put The Genre. Put some anime that are like the one in the pic -romance/slice of life/comedy/school- ° male or female lead doesn't matter(nothing gay) ° GOOD Romance!!guy and girl get together in the story and not just at the end( unless theres a season2) °Don't mind a triangle love as long as its resolved( or the guy get both;)lol) ° throw some psychotic love in there to , something new lol ° don't mind action you can throw some suggestions in there but I'm Really focused on the romance;) °i like ones with action I it also,but likec with An epic fight moment Ones that i watched and liked ago far!! °Clannad °Air. °Kanon °angle beats! °ef:tale of memory's/melidoies °anohana. °school days °Toradorda Theres more those are just the ones i can think of of the top off many head..Thanks in Advance!!
You should watch "lovely complex", it's my favorite romance anime, and the characters are awesome and really funny. 😆
hahaa thanks @zaperz !! looks like i have some anime to watch lol;) if only i could find me an awesome girlfriend tho watch it with lol😋😋
@zaperz haa if u could , Can you put the genres?
im go naneed more.
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