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Bubbly Beauty Hack: Champagne For Your Hair And Skin

Pour it up, pour it up.

Rihanna said it best, per usual. Whether you drink or not, if you didn't pop bottles this year, you'll want to pop a few in 2016 -- champagne to be exact. No worries, you're not indulging in the bubbly [unless you choose to do so], but according to the video seen below -- champagne is an amazing beauty product for both your hair and skin.
I mean who wouldn't want to pamper themselves in only the best of the best? Talk about classy. Keep scrolling to see how a glass or better yet a bottle of champagne can have you looking good -- and if you have a glass or two, maybe even feeling good.

Would you give this beauty hack a try?

Whoa this is awesome!! We always have one or two bottles of champagne left over after our annual christmas party... I'll have to give these a try >:)
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Yes!!! I'm definitely going to put this hack to use as well. Especially skin wise :) @AlloBaber
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