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Yepp so I'm late on this lol. A special thank you to all who tagged me :) So hey everyone. My name's Kiara and I'm 16 years old. I'm originally from Philly, PA but I now live in boring North Carolina lol. I've been a kpopper for about 6 months now.

1) Selfies!!!!!

Psssst....that's me in the front with my best friend. I hardly take selfies but these are my recent ones.

2) Dream Crush

My ultimate bias, my one true love Jin!!!! Its my dream to meet someone as nice and caring as him. Plus he loves to eat so we're perfect for each other lol

3) Current Status

Single because I'm trying to focus on my studies for now lol but kpop is making that hard

4) Most Romantic Memory

Hmmmm....never had one which is kinda sad. I'm just gonna say downloading this apo and meeting all you beautiful people!!!

5) Ideal Partner

Someone who can make me laugh. Has to be someone strong and cute. I'm a sucker for cute guys lol. Uhh I guess it all comes down to his personality. Fun and sweet would be good.
awe adorable. there was no date on the challenge so you aren't late. @stevieq you can still do it if you want. it goes in the love and relationship community.
don't worry about being late cuz I had more idea this was going on
I love you 💝💝😘😘😘
✋🏻I'm from NC 2!!
Very nice! :)
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