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How are we gonna stay fit this holiday season?! When the kids are home from school, the gifts still need wrapping, and the cookies are sitting ever so temptingly on the counter...
With reduced gym hours and what feels like not enough time in the day, it can be difficult to still squeeze in your workout. But don't get discouraged – there's still hope!

All you gotta do is make getting your sweat on a part of the Christmas cheer!

Introducing... the Christmas Movie Workout! :D

Just throw on your favorite Christmas classic (you're gonna be watching 'em anyway!), and lace up your sneakers.

Just in case the image is hard to read, I'm rewriting the text below! :D

Whenever you hear the word... Christmas
Do... 10 jumping jacks
Whenever you hear the word... Gift or Present
Do... 3 burpees
Whenever you hear the word... Elf or Elves
Do... 10 tricep dips (use a kitchen chair!)
Whenever you hear the word... North Pole
Do... 20 squats (mwahaha!)
Whenever you hear the word... Sleigh
Do... 15 lunges per leg
Whenever you hear the word... Stocking
Do... 30 side leg raises per leg
Whenever you hear the word... Snow
Do... 8 ski jumps
Whenever you hear the word... Santa
Do... 5 push-ups (I have a feeling this one could add up fast...)

And I'm putting a few images of the lesser known exercises below, just in case you're not sure how to do them :)


Tricep Dips using a Kitchen Chair

Ski Jumps

Stick to your guns this holiday season – don't let the busyness of Christmas deter you from your fitness routine! I know I'll be giving this one a try ;)

Happy holidays, everyone!!

I thought this was one full workout but Chirstmas is over now it;s time to get ready for the new year but I;ll just do this as one full workout so challenge accepted!πŸŽ…πŸŽπŸ˜
ill try, but i mean i know i cant but the more i exercise the more i eat lol
challenge accepted!
Yayyy!! @XavierLopez :D