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to my name is Novieka willow Coleman I'm 16 year old i'm going to 17 in May 25 i was born in Dallas tx I move to Irving Texas then now I live in Sunnyvale tx I'm in the 11th grade I'm going to graduate in 2017
1. my selfie me with short hair with my bff miss her 2 me and my cousin
2.My dream crush My dream boyfriend is Yugeom or Jackson why? first yugeom is so sweet and other hand Jackson is wild & sexy second they both funny will most Jackson ha-ha
3. Current Status well I'm single do I care nope oh well
4.Most Romantic Memory I never have a romantic memory if I did I would say my boyfriend would buy me gift and I would buy him one too and cooking food for him
5.ideal Guy hmm lets see I'm a suck for hot and sexy guys my weakness is the cute one they just so cute why? anyway I like how they are not fake just for them who can make me laugh who doesn't tickle me all the time and who can cook
well I'm done peace out guy