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So thanks to everyone that tagged me. I did try to upload this before but my phone was being an arse. So let's get on wiz it.
1) Selfie So this is me. Hi I'm Becki or Rebecca. I'm 19... 20 soon ): I'm from ze UK. Unfortunately.... I'm addicted to kpop and all things Asian. Every time a group or a product comes out involving a particular group I will get it... Kpop has made me poor ): I have been into kpop for around 3 years now. I am very shy and quite reserved when you meet me for the first time but after you get to know me you'll probably regret making friends with me.. Once you properly know me and I'm comfortable around you I will act like a complete weirdo and just be crazy! I love animals and caring for people etc. I'm the type of person that everyone of my close friends comes to for advice on relationships or just general life advice. I'm the agony aunt of my group of friends.
 2) Dream Crush My dream crush would have to be Listen from The Legend. We have similar personalities. We are both quite shy to start with but have crazy personalities. He is an amazing singer and is very attractive too.
3) Current Status Yes I am single. Have been for around about a year or just over a year now. I do enjoy being single though because as the picture above states there is no stress and I don't have to look after another person.. I have said before to everyone I would like to sort my life out before I get into a relationship. However when I get into one I hope to maybe settle down and not be changing boyfriends every few months. I have had my fair share of men but they have all been idiots.
4) Favourite gift received in the holidays? I have never received a gift from a guy... its just never lasted that long. although I had a boyfriend that I was with for my birthday and did he get me anything?? Pah! nooo. I think my favourite gift was last year for Christmas when my mum got me kpop related snapbacks.
5) What do you look for in a partner? In a partner I look for mostly whether they have a good personality. I really couldn't give a damn if you don't have a great body. They have to accept that I love my oppas and that I love kpop. They have to be able to make me laugh. They need to know when to come and comfort me when I'm sad and when to give me some space and leave me alone. Just simple things really. Trustworthy, loyal, good communication with each other, older than me, slightly taller, I do like me some muscles but that's a bonus.