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Now they are my favorite Korean Indie Band !
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@leah961025 I have two favorite Indie bands, "Daybreak", and "10cm" both are great:)
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@leah961025 Hey ! 10cm is also my favorite band too !! well they were the first Korea band that I heard :D. Do you know any good song that you would like to introduce me ?
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@leah961025 oh i have not heard any of them, but i did see a perofomance of Soundbox group in Youtube. I do not know if they are big in Korea, but they play pretty well :) You should check them out !
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@tapsamai I'm fine thank you and you - 10cm, cherry blossom - buskerbusker, popcorn - daybreak:)
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I like your music. :-) :-) :-)
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