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Growing up as an avid Harry Potter fan, I always wished I could spend the holidays at Hogwarts.

In both the books and the movies, Christmas seemed like such a magical time in the wizarding world (er, pun unintended). From the gorgeous decorations in the Great Hall to the Yule Ball, and from Weasley sweaters to the amazing soundtrack, there's no better time to break out the Potter than now.

Join me in getting in the holiday spirit, Harry Potter style! :)

Christmas in The Sorcerer's Stone

There's nothing cuter than baby Harry getting all excited about having Christmas presents for the first time. (How high pitched are their voices in this, tho?)

A Family Christmas in Order of the Phoenix

Awww. With Sirius and the Weasl

Honeydukes and Hogsmeade

This is the best, if only to watch invisible Harry snowball Malfoy in the face, pants Crabbe (or Goyle?), and to admire Malfoy's ridiculous fur hat. I guess looking like a prick is totally in fashion these days.

The Yule Ball

And Hermione looks amazing.

Yule Ball Pt. 2, The Potter Waltz

In which Harry is very bad at dancing, and Filch dances sadly with his cat.

Hogwarts Christmas Choir

Double, double, toil and trouble!

The Slug Party

In which Snape gets barf all over his shoes. Golden.

Christmas At Hogwarts (Soundtrack)

And finally, a bit of Hogwarts musical Christmas cheer!
Hope this got everybody ready for Christmas tomorrow! ^.^
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@deefran in your defense he wasn't Edward yet
2 years ago·Reply
Except @shannonl5 he totally has that Edward look, staring ever so intensely at Cho Chang... @deefran XD
2 years ago·Reply
lol and i bet bella wud b jealous
2 years ago·Reply
@deefran maybe they share? You never know
2 years ago·Reply
yayz fred and george
2 years ago·Reply