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Well, I would really love to stand against the Gate of Truth, and see what's beyond it. Ever since watching the first FMA series, I've been curious about it. Not to mention the historical importance of alchemy and it's impact to the society. Wow, what a geeky answer. But I do hope you guys got what I mean..(๑•᎑<๑)
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@VinMcCarthy But you know, what Mistress Dante said in one of the episodes in the original series might be true.. That equivalent exchange may not be applicable all the time. I mean what is the basis of things being equivalent?
@Rushee22 I'm not really sure. they say that you have to give up something 'deemed equivalent' for the knowledge you gain, right? so that's why ed lost his leg, and alphonse lost his body. they went far enough into the gate to need to do that. Izumi gave up internal organs for it. only with a philosopher's stone can you actually go without giving anything up, right? there must be some kind of cosmic balancing
I completely understand this. it sounds like something I would want to do too. but I wouldn't want to lose my body to do it.
True, but you know there were a group of people in the past who were able to obtain the elixir of life.. But they died due to mercury poisoning. Which probably means that the basic ingredient to making the philosopher's stone is mercury water.. But of course, no one could prove that in this era..
I need to watch it again...