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Ok... I'm typically a friendly and nice guy... I don't judge nor do i talk about people I don't know... I post these Ecchi photos because my friends wanted to see the reactions of people... I told them this site is judge free... And not to go overboard...But!! Some people WANTS TO CALL ME OUT MY NAME... I love anime and ecchi is no exception... but don't get it twisted thinking this is all i look for in anime because it's not... I post these because i jus wanted to prove to my friends that people on here are cool and if you doing to much they'll tell you not talk about you... I'm no perv, freak, or anything like that... Please don't insult me... I'm asking nicely...I love everyone on here and ive made some great friends... If it's to much for you "Leave"...If it's to much for Vingle jus tell me... I've seen other Ecchi worse than mines lol... So please don't get out of hand with your thoughts... Thank you!!!!
its generally not a problem, I think. I (and others too I'm sure) just want to keep the community suitable for all ages and fans. so buffer images isn't a terrible compromise, is it?
Im not tripping homie... I've been through allot... But i still smile😁...I jus don't wanna be judged for people assumptions or misunderstandings @sanRico And thanks you cool dude yourself bro
@Slimbrown13 true story
That's the only way to be is strong @sanRico
Same here bro growing i was away told ill be dead or locked up but we have aways keep our head up
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