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Yesterday marked the first day of winter.

Although it doesn't feel much like it, you can easily make a few changes and have it feeling like winter in no time. It's time to ditch the jackets and pull out the shearling coats. If you prefer to keep your jackets around, you can always hop on board and join in on the layering trend.
There might not be any snow on the ground this winter, but you can definitely shower the streets with your exquisite style instead. Whether you're already prepared or the furthest from being so, keep scrolling and see what items you need to feel and look super fashionable this winter season. You have three months to make it count.

The Longline Coat

Longline coats are a staple item that should take you from fall to winter and maybe even some spring. The perfect coat that will keep you warm and stylish.

The Fur Stole

To ensure that you're bundled up and your neck is warm this winter a fur stole to wrap around your neck is the perfect essential to add to your wardrobe.

The Ear Muffs

If you want to channel your inner Chanel No.3 from Scream Queens, grab yourself a pair of fuzzy earmuffs that will be sure to keep your ears fashionably warm.

The Chunky Turtleneck Sweater

Because nothing truly says winter like a chunky turtleneck sweater, right?

The Leather Gloves

As much as you hate them, they will be sure to keep your hands warm in the frigid weather. No need to hide your hands in your pocket. Gloves have definitely stepped their game up over the years and now you can rock gloves the stylish way. They even have vegan leather gloves, how cool is that?

The Socks

If your hands are warm, you will want your feet to be warm as well. Although nobody will probably ever see your socks, as long as you know they're cute -- thats all that really matters.

What's your must have essential for the winter?

@jordanhamilton yes ma'am. The scarves just seem to keep multiplying!! I don't know how it happened! 馃槆
That sounds exactly like myself, especially when it comes to scarves lol oh, and hats. I'm just recently getting into gloves @ButterflyBlu
Haha I don't blame you!!! I'm obsessed @Priscilla
the long coat! I'll always find an excuse to wear those... even during summer.
I live for those chunky sweaters, scarves, gloves, boots. I love it all.
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