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While the rest of the world scrabbles to get their gifts together and figure out what they are going to give their friends and family for the holiday... Norway is already making us look better. Their gifting spirit is pretty bizarre. Outshining even the best gag gift-giver, or at least the weirdest.


They want to give another country a mountain.
Finland celebrates their Centennial in 2017, and to prepare for that Norway is planning on handing out a really strange gift. Their highest point in the country, a 4,478-foot summit of the mountain.

Talk about gift prep-- I haven't even gotten my dad's gift yet for Christmas.

No worries though, Vingle wants to give a really good gift (I promise it's not as weird as a mountain). And you can win by following the instructions on the card <<HERE>>, and COMMENTING.

Anyone else think getting mountain for a gift is weird? What's the weirdest gift you've ever recieved?

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I think that's cool as hell!! I want a mountain!!
Lol. would you climb it every day? @LadyLuna
well at least every weekend or every other weekend. 😍😍 @nicolejb
Oh wow! @LadyLuna you must live near the mountains then! I'm jealous!
nope. i live in a mountainless state that's y i want one! 😄 @nicolejb