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Need a last-minute decoration for all of the company that is coming in to town for the holidays? Or maybe you just want a cute way to decorate your living space. This DIY project has got you covered. This great DIY tutorial comes from the creative people at The Desert Blossom.


For this project, you will need:
-- Yarn
-- Paper or foam cones
-- Cornstarch
-- 2 (regular-sized) bottles of glue
-- Water
-- Plastic bowl
-- Spatula
-- Scissors
-- Plastic wrap
-- Newspaper (to protect your workspace)
-- Glitter or holiday-themed detailing
-- Craft glue
You can find most of the these items at a craft store.

Make the glue mixture

Put the two bottles of glue, 4 tablespoons of water and 1 tablespoon of cornstarch into the plastic bowl. Use a spatula to combine the ingredients and mix well.

Soak the yarn

Take a long piece of yarn and dip it into the glue mixture. Make sure the entire piece of yarn is covered. Let it soak in the glue mixture while you prepare the paper or foam cones.

Cover the foam cones

Cover the foam/paper cones completely with plastic wrap. Make sure the entire cone is covered in plastic wrap — any uncovered area will make the glue stick to the cone.

Wrap the yarn around the cone

Take the glue-soaked yarn and wrap it around the cone. Cover the majority of the cone with the yarn. Let the yarn completely dry.

Add detailing

Use the craft glue and attach glitter and holiday-themed detailing to the yarn tree. Allow the craft glue to dry completely.

Set up the yarn Christmas tree in your living space and enjoy!

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