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Keeping Tattoos of Dead Loved Ones??? Would U?
This artist will now cut out and frame the tatto of a loved one who has died. Would you?
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Ok. I'm saying I could see doing it because I have seen collections of really old preserved tattoos and I found it intriguing. However, taking pictures of the tatoos on the body while strategically posed, shortly after getting them, is another option. I've seen this too and both can be tasteful when mounted. Now, the ones preserved in jars. Uh-uh.
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Just what your mom wants. A tattoo of something she didn't want you to get in the first place.
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@MooshieBay HAHA! Right?! -_- You shouldn't have. No. Really. @EasternShell hmm. So, you're talking about the ones that they have in historical collections, right? Now I'm waffling, because I do find those interesting, as well. I always love looking at those types of exhibits, but would you want to keep those in your home? Would you want grandpa or Uncle Bill's tattoo collection in a glass case in the China hutch? I wonder how they came up with the idea to begin with!
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@ButterflyBlu yup especially if the artwork was meaningful or exquisite. Maybe not in the China cabinet lol but the den, family room, or studio. The historical ones and the tools they used are interesting and intricate.
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I can see me walking pass Uncle Bob and greeting him on my way down the stairs.
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