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This artist will now cut out and frame the tatto of a loved one who has died. Would you?
Oh god no, EW!!! This just freaks me out haha. Great question though, @2Distracted, because it is a work of art, and in some cases a very expensive one... it'd be kinda weird though
*Blinking* People. Come on. I freaking LOVE tattoos and I'm saying no. There is a different way to do this beautifully. I had my best friend, who happens to be an amazing artist, sketch out all of my husband's tattoos when he died. I wanted to be able to show my son, especially since a few were for him. They were all there, waiting, when my son asked to see them. Now, he can go and flip through them like a photo book and we talk about them, which is good. He hasn't wanted to do this up until the past two or three months or so. He's getting better about talking about his dad. Take pictures if you don't have an artistic talent or friend, but framing skin?? Noooooope. Nuh uh. Smh.
Ahh no thank you. Having human flesh in my living room is a big no for me.
This is a little morbid for me, but I can see how it would appeal to people
Just what your mom wants. A tattoo of something she didn't want you to get in the first place.
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