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Hi, my name is Sierra. I'm 21 and live in San Diego CA. I have been into Korean everything, mainly K-pop, for about 4 years now. Im currently working on getting a degree in graphic design. K-pop is my inspiration for the projects I take on. I also love to draw portraits of the different idols I listen to. I think it would be fun to learn the dances of different groups I love to listen to, but I don't have anyone to do it with, and I'm to shy to do it myself.

1. Selfie

the first picture is the most recent, I was so happy that my baby nephew fell asleep in my arms. the second picture is me and my best friend at kcon this past summer.

2. Dream Crush

I have yet to be able to narrow done my biases to find my ultimate bias, but I have gotten close.

3. Current Status

lol the only on I'm in a relationship with right now is my hamster teddy. Between school and work, I don't really have time for a relationship.

4. Most Romantic Memory

I don't really have any romantic memories of being with a guy. My one boyfriend turned out to be a complete jerk, and that relationship didn't last long. So I'll share the best I've got, which is from Valentine's Day 2014. My best friend and I went to go see the Chinese movie "Somewhere only we know" with Wu Yi Fan( I still call him Kris). After the movie, we went out to Korean BBQ. Best Valentine's Day ever!!!!

5. Ideal Partner

My ideal partner is someone who: --takes the lead(im super shy, and have a hard time being outgoing) --is adorable. preferably Asian, but race isn't a deal-breaker( I've always loved Asian guys, hence my love of K-pop ) --has a good personality. --is taller than me, or at least my height.
I wasn't sure who to tag, so I decided to tag people who have tagged me in different things
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I bet! Plus, SuJu...GOT7...Zion T. Man, I hate I missed it! @sierrakuper
@LexTay327 it's ok there are gonna be other chances to see all of these great artists 😊
Somewhere only we know! That movie is precious. I watched it two days in a row after they added it on Netflix lol.
I see Suga there πŸ˜‚πŸ’πŸ»πŸ˜‹
@sarahdarwish of course I absolutely love suga, he is adorable πŸ˜†