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I look at Yoongi who was soundly sleeping next me me. "Y/N" he muttered as he smiled asleep. There was a loud knock. "Yoongi!" a voice yelled. "Its time to get up!". Yoongi yawned as he got up his eyes met mine as he smiled. "Good morning Y/N" He said as he wrapped his arms around me kissing my cheek softly. "We should put some cloths on." I said as there was another knock at the door. Yoongi opened the door after we finished getting dressed. "Breakfast!" Jin yelled from the kitchen. "Good morning!" Tiffany said as she walked out of Taehyung's room. "So she did spend the night." I murmured to my self as I sat at the table. Taehyung glared at Yoongi who was sitting by me nudging my shoulder cutely. "Stop it." Taehyung said glaring at Yoongi. "Stop what?" Yoongi asked. Tiffany looked at Taehyung confused. "What did he do?" she asked. I glared at tiffany Yoongi handed me some pancakes that we where suppose to pass around after we served our selfs. "One or Two?" He asked as he kissed my cheek. Taehyung slammed his hands on the Table as he stood up. The loud sound made everyone jump. "What the hell!" Yoongi yelled as Taehyung grabbed my arm and pulled me away from the table leading me outside. "I can't take it.. My heart can't take it.." Taehyung said as he looked down his hair covered his eyes. "What are you talking about Taehyung you're engaged." "I dont want to marry her!" Taehyung yelled. "Don't you understand?" he asked. "You think im not hurt!? that moment we shared together at the hotel it was special to me!" I yelled back. Taehyung looked at me as Tears fell down his face. "Taehyung?" Tiffany called from inside. "Y/N I won't marry her." Taehyung said as he hugged me. "I want to be with you." Taehyung whispered in my ear. "Taehyung" Tiffany said as she pulled him away. "Ehat are you doing?" She asked as she glared at me. "Hes my fiance that means hes taken." She said as she slap me across the face. I touched my cheek. "You're right." I said as I walked back inside.
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Thank you!
if I was that girl I would have dragged her like and so what if he's yours can't you hear he doesn't want you ...😊✌💕 *phew* oh and by the way loved this thanks @TaehyungKey
@NasiaWright haha xD
What a Bitch I would've killed her
poor souls. I feel for all of them but mostly suga