What Im thankful for this year is My nephew it'll be 1 full year that he'll be cancer free
He was diagnosed when he was on the verge of turning 15 and at that time I was having problems with my family, My brother and his family in particular and unfortunately it had to take something this heartbreaking to bring us back together.. We know now that nothing is worth fighting over with each other and we're better off being a family again
So Im especially thankful to Kpop because it was Kpop that got me through those long rides to the hospital to see him.. Gave me strength to not cry in front of him so he wouldn't lose his strength..
This song in particular was always on repeat
My Mom thinks my nephew looks like Jackson (she really likes Jackson for this reason) I personally don't see it.. lol
But then his lil sister(who Im corrupting into a kpop fan) thinks he looks more like Mino
What do you guys think?
He just turned 17 Yes we are all convinced he's a giant.. lol
So to all those who tagged me thank you!!
Im tagging a few would love to see what you are all thankful for
@luna1171 @GDsGF @aimeeh Thank you so much ♥♥♥
That was heartbreaking experience u just went through I hope and pray for your and your family's peaceful and happy life.good luck!
@veronicaartino I see more of Mino but there are times when I do see a lil jackson especially when he makes certain facial expresions.. Thank you :*
I think he's a combo of too. Beautiful card and words.
Absolutely Beautiful! I am so glad he's doing good!
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