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Every time I walk in to buy I always say i know what I'm getting but then I see the endless choices !!! And I just can't decide what to get 馃槶 (by the way there's much much more than this where I'm at so imagine the struggle )
So many manga so little time
@Dlopez031113 You're welcome!
Haha alright I'll try reading it up ! Thanks !! @KohakuKurosawa
@Dlopez031113 Let's see...there's these two dueling kingdoms. In this world, royalty always has black hair. But, the main character, Nakaba, is a princess of Senan with red hair. She is a disgrace to the royal family and is sent of to Belquat, the rival kingdom, to marry the younger prince, Ceasar. This is in hopes of bringing peace between the two nations. Nakaba also has an Ajin attendant, Loki. Ajins are half animal half human beings with greater physical abilities than humans. They are treated as the lowest of the low: quite often slaves. The story tackles an intricate plot with some interesting characters. There's only twelve volumes, but from the 9 1/2 I've read, I highly recommend it. That wasn't the best summary (there's much more to it than that), but that's the best I can do without revealing too many spoilers.
Oooi what's the plot ??? @KohakuKurosawa
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