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Beauty contributor for Byrdie and creator of The Chriselle Factor, Chiselle Lim was kind enough to share three amazing chic ways to style short hair. These hairstyles are not only perfect for everyday, but they also double up as perfect hairstyles for the holiday season. If you're in the mood to recreate one of these gorgeous styles, keep scrolling to see steps and images below.

Style #1: Halfway To L.A.

This hairstyle is similar to the French braid, but different in its own way. Super feminine and chic. Using Bobby pins help with fly away hairs, leaving your hair secured and your braids tight.

Style #2: The Braided Topknot

This hairstyle is super sporty and cute with a splash of feminine. Curling your hair beforehand will give your hair more volume once the finished look is executed. Don't worry about it being messy because messy is good, duh! Make sure to tease the bun.

Style #3: The Braided Headband

Why do you need a headband when you can create your own? This style is easy and convenient for the woman on the go. Make sure you tease your hair. Teasing is key and super simple to do. Talk about effortless and super chic!

Based on these three amazing looks, which one is your favorite?

A huge thank you to Chriselle. I'm obsessed with the first look. Amazing.
Yeah they're super cute. You had a head start @VeronicaArtino
I've been doing all three before I knew they where chic for the past few years. u love all of them.