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I did the same with the EPL earlier this week - I made a card giving a few options and asking you all to comment with your opinion:

Who is the NFL's most overrated player?

Tony Romo

Romo has had some great moments in his career, but he has never really turned the Cowboys into a winning team. He's had some great players around him (DeMarco Murray, Dez Bryant), but has never been able to make Dallas true contenders. Plus, he's been injured most of this season. Romo may not be as good as we think.

Eli Manning

Eli has won two Super Bowls, so it may be hard to put him on this list. But the truth is that those Super Bowls were won mostly by the defense (even though Eli did play amazing in both games). The Giants got hot at the right time and Eli took them for the ride. He's thrown loads of interceptions in his career.

DeMarco Murray

What happened to Murray? He was the NFL's rushing leader last season and has completely lost his place this season after being traded to the Eagles. Maybe he was worn out after working too hard last year, but it seems that all the accolades we gave him after his incredible season were premature. He hasn't been anything near that sort of player, and it begs the question - was it the offensive line that was amazing in Dallas, or Murray himself?

D'Brickashaw Ferguson

D'Brick has been a beast for the Jets in his long career, but it seems age has finally caught up to him. He's been something of a liability for the Jets on the line in the past two seasons. He may be using the reputation he built through his long career to keep him in the starting lineup these days, as Ferguson just isn't the same player he once was, though he is often named as one of the best in the league.
Byron Maxwell
The Eagles paid a huge price to take the former Seahawks CB in free agency, and he has been nothing but a massive disappointment. It's a sad truth for a player who made so many fans for himself while playing on the league's best defense in Seattle over the past two seasons. He played a huge part in their Super Bowl win and in their deep run last year, too. But since joining Philadelphia he has been a target for opposing QBs and it seems the Eagles seriously overpaid.

My pick goes to Eli Manning. He is aging and isn't the player he was when he led the Giants to the Super Bowl. Too many INTs for my liking, thank you very much!

So, NFL fans - who gets your vote? Did I put together a decent list, or did I miss someone? Let's get the conversation started!

Eli Manning, while slightly overrated, has always been a volume QB. He throws lots of everything, yards, touchdowns, and even picks.
Also, when we talk about Romo, Philip Rivers comes to mind as the other great veteran QB that has gotten the playoffs a number of times but can't go the distance. When you look at the two, Rivers is tough as nails and will play through any injury while Romo is fragile and has missed way more time. By that comparison, Romo is definitely one of the most overrated players in the league.
I think there are a number of overrated players in the NFL that people just assume are good based media overhype and team success. Russell Wilson, imho, is way overrated. He's a game manager that's getting paid like he single handedly took the Seahawks to the super bowl, when it was mostly their defense. While he did have a good four game stretch this year, those were against awful defenses. Another guy that's currently on the Seahawks that's overrated is Jimmy Graham. He was clearly a product of Drew Brees more than anything else, and all he can do is catch. Great TEs can block, something he's never figured out. Lastly, I think Clay Matthews is overrated. He has a few good plays a game and I think sports media gives him an unnecessary amount of coverage for the amount that he actually does. He has maybe three sacks on the year, but espn would have you think he's had a lot more.
Antonio Brown is over rated
Romo and Manning
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